eMazzanti Spotlights Cloud-based Network Security Service that Pre-empts Internet Threats

In a new video, eMazzanti Technologies emphasizes the success of eCare Secure Route in protecting firms against crypto virus and other emergent Internet threats

Hoboken, New Jersey – (Cision) December 2, 2016 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area IT consultant and MSP, recently released a new video highlighting the success of eCare Secure Route, a cloud-based network security service deployed to combat ransomware attacks and other Internet threats at Mancini Duffy, a Manhattan architectural design firm serving Fortune 500 companies.

In the short video, Tim Rocks, Director of Information Technology at Mancini Duffy, explains how smoothly the implementation proceeded, quickly inspiring his trust.

“For Mancini Duffy to have the eCare Secure Route operational gives us the peace of mind that we won’t be attacked in this way,” explains Rocks. “It allows us to concentrate on success factors for our business.”

View the complete video here: Mancini Duffy and eCare Secure Route.

Predicts and Prevents Attacks

According to Carl Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies, eCare Secure Route provides a greater level of security than that offered by other common security measures.

“By operating at the DNS level, we prevent malicious Internet connections before an attack actually launches,” stated Mazzanti. “Continuous monitoring allows us to discover, and even predict, where attacks will emerge.”

The cloud-based security service detects and blocks attacks before they are launched, safeguards the firm’s guest Wi-Fi, and tracks employee usage of cloud services. Mazzanti reports that organizations pointing DNS traffic to eCare Secure Route block up to 98 percent more attacks than do firewalls and antivirus alone.

eCare Secure Route represents one component of eMazzanti’s eCare IT Network Management Services, a suite of customized business solutions designed to provide network and asset security. Related solutions ensure business continuity, protect email communications, improve connectivity and file sharing, and more.

Easy to Implement

eCare Secure Route operates through a centralized, web-based dashboard and detailed reports, without hardware to install or software to maintain. Rocks estimates that implementation required “perhaps 15-20 minutes” of his time.

Having previously suffered a network crypto virus attack, decision makers at Mancini Duffy recognized the value of a DNS-level security solution in protecting not only the firm’s data but also its reputation and brand.

Proactive Security

New Internet threats appear with increasing frequency. A successful defense of valuable customer data and business assets hinges on early detection. eMazzanti’s expert IT security professionals employ a proactive approach and advanced data security technology to help organizations prevent a wide range of attacks.

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