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25 SharePoint Ideas to Use in Your Business

Readers liked our post, Ideas to Help You to Use SharePoint Effectively in Your Business, that presented 20 SharePoint ideas to solve common business needs. So, here’s an updated list of 25 SharePoint ideas currently in use by real organizations.

Adapt these excellent SharePoint Ideas to your business, law firm, medical office or retail organization to get the most out of SharePoint and SharePoint Online (included with Office 365).

  1. Use SharePoint and Office 365 to provide a flexible physical work environment for mobile, front line or any workers no longer tied to a desk.
  2. Use SharePoint Online, a component of Office 365, to build an employee social intranet, presenting role-based information to employees. Provide access to tools, applications, and data repositories.
  3. Create a retailer employee portal to provide online access to store deals; digital work schedules, pay slips, and other HR forms.
  4. Deploy a retail analytics solution on SharePoint to analyze previously siloed databases ranging from population tracking and visitation tracking to banking and telephone records.
  5. Build a 24/7 quick reference application to provide law enforcement professionals access to legal protocols and procedures stored on a SharePoint site.SharePoint Ideas
  6. Post a People Guide application to connect law firm employees to colleagues and their expertise.
  7. Use Office 365 Video and Office Delve to make it easy for law firm employees to reach into the organization intellectual resources to find creative ways to solve problems.
  8. Create a case file viewer to function like an offline client for a case management system.
  9. Improve clinical handover, the transfer of patients’ care between shifts and specialties, and patient safety across the organization. Fill as many gaps as possible that backend systems don’t cover.
  10. Connect SharePoint with PeopleSoft to deliver a campus-wide, unified environment without replacing existing line-of-business (LOB) systems.
  11. Allow employees to access the search functionality in SharePoint to look for information and get consolidated results from the entire environment with a single query.
  12. Use a SharePoint connector to crawl and return data from any Lotus Notes database with just one search.
  13. Share information with home builder employees through video, including communications from senior management, training, and virtual tours of homes.
  14. SharePoint Ideas with Office 365Move to Office 365 to more cost-effectively obtain services such as email, SharePoint, and even the Office programs.
  15. Get out of the constant Office and SharePoint upgrade cycle with Office 365. Gain access to many new services such as cloud file storage for no extra cost.
  16. Use Office 365, including SharePoint Online to integrate mobile employees who use Gmail into your communication infrastructure for existing employees on Exchange Server.
  17. Implement a comprehensive workflow and social collaboration environment for collaboration tools that work with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  18. Deploy SharePoint Team Sites to give departments the ability to manage document scanning, storage, archiving and security.
  19. Provide employees with the ability to share information through personal sites, team sites, newsfeeds, wiki sites, forums and blogs.
  20. Give employees easier, more specific access to subject matter experts. Recognize and reward top contributors to the network while maintaining effective control for governance and regulatory purposes.
  21. Distribute corporate news and discussions; career development opportunities; and information to help team members in their personal lives and their communities.
  22. Develop a solution to deliver video to company representatives with 4G connections that functions efficiently outside of a direct connection to the corporate network.
  23. Deliver corporate communications directly to employees via a SharePoint portal instead of through team managers.
  24. Use the SharePoint document sharing options, which provide team members with reminders when files are updated or republished, while also providing the ability to share files over their mobile devices.
  25. Foster a digital mindset to increase productivity, taking work beyond the constraints of paper, assigned desks, geographies, and time zones.

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