Case Studies

Sports Firms Looks to New Operating System to Pump-Up Productivity: Gamewear

“The number one biggest attribute of Windows 7 is increased speed; I’d estimate it is up to 30 percent faster. We upgraded to 64-bit to take advantage of the additional power.” -Frank Cerullo ,GameWear, Inc. , Chief Executive Officer GameWear’s famous bracelets, necklaces, key chains, MP3 player cases, and cell phone cases feature every major league team. This comprises over 80 collegiate teams and an extensive cache of players. Each item is made from the same genuine leather as the ball in play, letting fans wear a piece of the game on or off the field. GameWear’s unique products are

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New OS Helps Accelerate Order Processing and Customer Support:

“eMazzanti created a custom gadget—Essential Gadget— that enables us to monitor pick, pack and ship status. It’s probably responsible for a 15 percent boost in productivity all by itself.” -Kim Hubelbank, Director of Systems, Situation Essential Apparel is a leading online retailer of brand-name sports, lingerie and outerwear. The eight year old web firm grew as an extension of its brick and mortar stores, fundamentally doubling it size in a high competitive, price sensitive industry. Essential Apparel’s appeal is to a customer’s cultural pragmatism: great brands, great prices without wasting time and money. “We sell staples with a high percentage

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Windows 7 Enhances Productivity and Quality-of-Life for Law Firm: Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky

“The speed of the Boot and Resume features is the next best thing to instant on.” -Stephen M. Kramarsky, Partner, Dewy Pegno & Kramarsky Situation Law firm Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky is a litigation boutique servicing a growing number of high-end clients in New York City. The partners and staff of the 25-person law firm handle complex corporate and individual litigations in areas including intellectual property and securities. Most of the partners are transplants from the top five New York law firms, but have chosen to dispense top-level legal expertise to clients in a more efficient and economically attractive way. The

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Camera Retailer Focuses on Improved Customer Service with Windows 7: Bergen County Camera

“Federated Search is much more intuitive—all without having to configure it. It is really good for our sales people—right out of the box. I don’t have PC experts; I have digital camera experts.” -John Tworsky, General Manager, Bergen County Camera Customer service is the top priority of Bergen Country Camera, and the majority of that action takes place on the sales floor. “For us, improving the quality of customer service is all about efficiency and having the right information at our fingertips. The better we do, the more sales we generate and the more loyal our customers are,” said John Tworsky,

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Windows Vista Accelerates Productivity in IT Consulting Business: eMazzanti Technologies

“We embraced Windows Vista from day one and worked through the potential problems customers might have before we rolled it out to them. We knew the solutions before our customers had the problems.” -Carl Mazzanti, Chief Executive Officer, eMazzanti Technologies eMazzanti Technologies is an IT consultancy that primarily serves the midsize business market in the Northeast U.S. As part of its persistent pursuit of new technology to enhance its own and its customers’ operations, it migrated to Windows Vista more than two years ago. As a result, eMazzanti has fine-tuned its use of Windows Vista to run its own company

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Dewey Pegno and Kramarsky Law Firm Wins More Uptime and Security

Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky (DPK) had two main technology issues it needed to address: reliability and security. Computer and network unreliability translated into lost efficiency. Lack of robust computer access for remote users dramatically affected productivity as well. When it came to security, the firm was always seeking ways to enhance its capabilities. “Billable attorney time was being lost to tasks such as system updates, anti-virus and anti-spyware updates, individual e-mail client issues, and other machine-specific problems,” says Stephen M. Kramarsky, partner, Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky. As the firm continued to grow and problems started to surface on more than

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