eMazzanti Helps a Submarine Using Windows 8-Enabled Tablets

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Vocus) Jan, 2014 –Imagine walking into a custom furniture store to purchase a large fish tank, complete with its own yellow submarine once used by the British Navy to search for treacherous mines. Though this unique, eye-catching approach to furniture creation was at the heart of what Timothy Oulton did for its first four US stores, their computer problems were not unique at all.

Due to the traditional operational practices of the company’s US galleries, technology often took a back seat to more important retail needs. As a result, the US stores used a mix of computers running Mac and Windows operating systems, and there were no standard networks or business processes. This eclectic technology mix, combined with paper-based operational practices, often prolonged the length of time it would take for the stores to begin running smoothly. eMazzanti Technologies, an IT support and computer consultant in the Hoboken, New Jersey and New York City areas, was asked to find an creative technology solution that matched the magic Timothy Oulton worked with furniture designs.

“We knew that Timothy Oulton needed a standardized, repeatable technology solution and, because it operates in high-end retail, the technology had to be sexy,” says Carl Mazzanti, President of eMazzanti Technologies.

Nate Green, Timothy Oulton Furniture Outlet Manager echoed a similar sentiment. “Someone who is about to spend [US]$10,000 on a couch doesn’t want to sit across from a salesperson who is pecking away on a clunky PC.”

Fast, Versatile, Sleek

eMazzanti recommended that Timothy Oulton standardize on tablet PCs running the Windows 8 Pro operating system. Though mostly Mac users, once the employees got a taste of the Windows 8 sleek interface and functionality, there was no looking back.

“We also love the ability to switch between tablet and laptop form factors and between business applications and customer interactions,” Green says. For example, if an employee is working in the company’s point-of-sale (POS) system and a customer walks up and asks to see a sofa in a different color, the employee can quickly swipe across the touchscreen to the inventory application and twist the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist tablet around to show the customer an image. When the customer leaves, the employee can quickly swipe back across the screen to work in the Point of Sale (POS) application.

Sales people also had additional versatility credit card sliders we added to the tablet PCs so transactions could be completed from anywhere in the store.


Technology-Enhanced Store Openings

Thanks in part to the Windows 8 Pro tablets, Timothy Oulton was able to open its outlet store in just three weeks. “It took us just three weeks from the moment we said we wanted to open an outlet to opening our doors, and the Windows 8 Pro tablets that eMazzanti recommended contributed greatly to the speedup,” Wilkerson says. Because of the success with its outlet store, Timothy Oulton is going to deploy tablets running Windows 8 Pro in all future stores.

“Technology becomes a valuable way to support your brand and engage your customers, and Windows 8 Pro is perfect for that,” said Matt Wilkerson, Head of Retail for Timothy Oulton Americas. “Our employees just look very professional and are able to get things done quickly.”

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