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Fashion Retail VR Apps that Sizzle

What happens when high tech enters the world of fashion retail? In the case of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the fusion of technology and couture creates a stylish win for everyone with Fashion Retail VR.

Customers enjoy more flexibility in their shopping and increased opportunity to customize. Retailers reach a greater number of customers in more meaningful ways and boost sales.

Take a look at some of the exciting VR/AR possibilities for fashion.

Wedding Dress Perfection

Shopping for a wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime event. U.S. brides spend an average of $1,500 for the perfect wedding dress. Many have at least a partial design in mind, but communicating the vision can be challenging.

In what could be the new modern bridal shop, bride and fashion consultant enter a fashion retail VR design room to create the perfect wedding dress. On a 3D mannequin sculpted to her exact body shape and size, the bride selects a basic style, and then the fun begins.

With a swipe of her finger, she selects just the right satin and lace, scoops the neckline, adjusts the waistline and adds a train. The virtual mannequin twirls to show the dress in action as it will appear in its final form. Vision has life, and the consultant proceeds without guesswork.

Retail Meets Social Media and Soars

Studies show that women who hit the stores with their girlfriends spend more and with greater confidence than when they shop alone. But what happens when your best shopping pal moves across the country?

Fashion Retail VRPicture two friends, one in Seattle and one in Atlanta, standing side by side in a virtual boutique. One selects a linen suit. The other brings a splash of color with a bright silk scarf. Together they add sleek heels, an elegant necklace and an executive purse—all with the virtual touch of a finger.

After a switch of fabrics and the unexpected—but brilliant—find of power red earrings, the friends have assembled a sophisticated outfit guaranteed to rock next week’s job interview. Better than social media, cheaper than airfare, VR retail outings bring friends together over distance and generate business for the shop.

Accessible Fashion for the Differently-Abled

For several years, the catwalks of New York Fashion Week have featured wheelchairs and prosthetics. World-class designers now create haute couture for those with disabilities. Fashion is a powerful mode of self-expression…for everyone.

One shopper has impeccable fashion sense not at all dimmed by his disability. Narrow aisles and crowded dressing rooms make traditional shopping in his wheelchair all but impossible. Fortunately, VR changes the paradigm, bringing high fashion home.

Trying on a new leather coat designed by the likes of Izzy Camilleri, he examines the look and fit from all angles. In a virtual wheelchair, he even “test drives” the coat, ensuring that he can easily maneuver the chair without compromising either look or comfort.

Fashion Retail VRFashion retail is always focused on the new and exciting. With achievable fashion retail VR applications like the above, VR/AR moves out of the fringes into the center aisle, changing the way we shop and connecting retailers with their customers in exciting new ways.

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