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The Future is Now with Open AI ChatGPT-Powered Microsoft Teams Premium

This month, Microsoft brought the new Teams Premium into general release, ushering in the future of work. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) based on Open AI/ChatGPT technology, the service brings significant advancements to drive productivity, increase personalization and improve security.

In January, Microsoft announced a new multibillion-dollar investment with OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT. The company has said it will build ChatGPT technology into all its products. These AI-powered features have the potential to significantly change how we work. And with Microsoft leading the way in AI for business use, the change has already begun for users of Microsoft Teams.

In Microsoft Teams, for instance, AI provides intelligent recap, making it easier for team members to review meeting notes. Additional exciting new Teams features deliver real-time translations, customization options and expanded security.

Intelligent Recap Saves Meeting Review Time

For many customers, the headline feature of Teams Premium involves what Microsoft refers to as “intelligent recap.” Teams will automatically generate meeting notes and use AI to divide the meeting transcription into chapters. That way, team members can easily navigate to important information, even if they missed the meeting.

In addition, personalized timeline markers indicate points when you joined or left a meeting. For example, if you have to leave a meeting to take a call, your timeline markers will bookmark the points where you left and returned. They will also highlight when your name was mentioned. No one else will see your markers, and you can quickly catch up on missed information.

Not only will Teams automatically generate meetings notes, but it will also make task suggestions based on the discussion.

Teams Premium

Enhance Collaboration with Live Translations

Remote work has made it possible to gather talent from across the globe to build powerful teams. But this also presents unique collaboration challenges when team members speak different languages.

Fortunately, Teams Premium has a solution. With 40 spoken languages currently available, all meeting attendees can read real-time captions in their native language. And only the meeting organizer must have Teams Premium to make this feature available for all involved.

Personalized Meetings Made Easy

Teams Premium includes several customization features designed to ensure meeting organizers use the most effective settings and adhere to team policies. For instance, IT can create customized meeting templates for various types of meetings, from client calls to sensitive personnel discussions.

In addition to meeting templates, Teams also allows IT to set up policy packages according to user role. Using policy packages, you can restrict or allow certain Teams features for various sets of users. For instance, you can define messaging policies restrict adult content or allow users to automatically translate Teams messages.

Companies can also use new branding features in Teams to infuse company branding into meeting backgrounds and together mode scenes.

Additional Security for Sensitive Meetings

The exponential growth in virtual meetings means that sensitive discussions often take place virtually, requiring an extra level of security. Teams Premium offers additional safeguards for confidential meetings.

For instance, features such as watermarking guard against the leaking of sensitive information. And meeting organizers can restrict who can record meetings. For extremely sensitive meetings, IT can enable end-to-end encryption. Additionally, with an E5 subscription, customers can use sensitivity labels to automatically apply relevant meeting options based on sensitive content.

Teams Premium

More Features Coming Soon to Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft added over 400 new features to Teams last year, and they have already announced upcoming additions to Teams Premium. For example, using AI, Teams will be able to create personalized meeting highlights organized according to your close business associates. And automated reminder emails will increase webinar attendance.

How to Take Advantage of Teams Premium Features

Microsoft announced it will offer Teams Premium at a discounted rate of $7 per user per month through June. On July 1, the price will increase to $10 per user. Additionally, small businesses that currently use Teams Free should know that Microsoft will sunset that product on April 12. They will lose their legacy data unless they purchase at least the Teams Essentials plan.

Most business customers find it easiest to purchase Microsoft products through a Microsoft partner such as eMazzanti Technologies. Microsoft partners provide both competitive pricing and personalized support. And being the first to receive innovations like AI, they help business leaders incorporate the latest revenue and productivity-enhancing technologies to boost their success.

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