Video based Team

You Look Marvelous! The Sprint to Video-based Team Interaction

In our new work-from-home (WFH) world, the requirement for on demand video conferencing has exploded with quadruple digit growth. Businesses are scrambling to engage qualified video conferencing vendors to implement video-based team technology virtually overnight. Businesses now must deal with completely remote workforces, while schools and education systems attempt to facilitate online learning. And, with social distancing as our new norm, our connection constraints now point to video. Security and Functionality The journey to video has had some notable bumps with flurries of headlines and memes that make fun of Zoom and its unsecure platform. Skype (owned by Microsoft) started

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Endpoint Security Best Practices

5 Endpoint Security Best Practices When Remote Work Takes Center Stage

With the majority of employees working from home this spring, organizations have encountered new challenges. The increased burden on corporate networks can result in diminished performance and productivity. More important, remote connections increase the security risk. Endpoint security best practices help to mitigate that risk and protect the organization. Endpoints include any devices that connect to the network. Every connection represents a possible point of access for cyber criminals. Endpoint security, therefore, acts as the front line of cyber security for the organization. An effective endpoint security solution uses a multi-faceted approach to detect and minimize threats and control system

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Cloud-based Security Solutions

Cloud-based Security Solutions Deliver Powerful, Scalable Protection for SMBs

The average small to medium business (SMB) has most likely migrated at least some essential data and operations to the cloud. At the same time, SMBs face increasingly strict privacy regulations, as well as a growing number of cyber attacks. And with a mobile, often remote, workforce, the environment demands reliable, cloud-based security solutions. As the security landscape grows more complex, many SMBs find that they lack the in-house expertise needed to keep data safe. And as they move more sensitive information to the cloud, protecting that data requires proactive solutions. Businesses need the ability to predict data breaches rather

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Protect Your Business from COVID-19 Phishing Scams

The list of states implementing stay-at-home orders continues to grow while the world scrambles to curb the spread of COVID-19. As a result, the number of employees working remotely has skyrocketed overnight. Unfortunately, COVID-19 phishing scams have also skyrocketed, with scammers taking advantage of relaxed security perimeters. To protect the organization, businesses must implement additional security measures for the remote work environment. Employees working at home also need to take common-sense steps to work safely. And through it all, communication remains essential. Examples of COVID-19 Phishing Scams The most common COVID-19 phishing scams involve the tried and true method of

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Working Remotely, What You Need to Know

The COVID-19 crisis – Working remotely to help These are trying times. First, know that that your health and safety is the highest priority. Second, we’re all in this together so cooperation and our best efforts are required. We appreciate the leadership of local, state and federal government officials and the dedicated healthcare professionals on the front lines. With a united effort, we can overcome the challenges ahead and return to conditions of health and prosperity. That said, we want you to know that with the coronavirus outbreak impacting populations worldwide, it looks like we’re in this for the long

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Minimize the Cost of Small Business Data Breaches with Proactive Security

Last year, Marriott, Facebook, Capitol One and the Russian government all made headline news with devastating data breaches. However, between 43 and 60 percent of all cyber-attacks in 2019 actually targeted small to medium businesses (SMBs). And the cost of small business data breaches goes far beyond the immediate damages. Small businesses make an attractive target for cyber criminals for two reasons. First, SMBs often lack sufficient security, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Second, criminals see small businesses as a back door to the more lucrative large enterprises. Think of the Target attack several years ago, in which hackers gained

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Voice Cloning Elevates Security Threats to the Next Level

Last year, scammers convinced a director at a British company to send them $240,000. Using voice cloning, they impersonated a senior executive at the company, instructing the director to wire the sum to a secret account. Recognizing his boss’s voice, he complied, only becoming suspicious when the thieves called a second time. While this may represent one of the first artificial intelligence (AI) heists on record, it will hardly be the last. Consider the possibilities. If bad actors use voice cloning technology to steal money from businesses, they can easily sabotage political elections or impersonate family members. Dangers of Increasingly

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Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration: Connecting Teams When Circumstances Force Work-at-Home

From winter blizzards to international travel advisories and global health concerns, sometimes powers beyond our control force remote solutions. When team members cannot gather in person, technology comes to the rescue. Now, more than ever, solutions such as Microsoft Teams prove essential in maintaining productivity through remote collaboration. Coronavirus Provides Preparedness Motivation Current global fears about coronavirus (COVID-19) have set stock markets reeling and prompted widespread panic. In the office, an employee with a persistent cough prompts worry among coworkers. Parents find themselves unexpectedly working at home when schools or daycares close. And employees cancel work trips to high risk

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Human vulnerability identified as weak link in cyberattacks

Human vulnerability identified as weak link in cyberattacks. Don’t be so quick to click that link. That urgent email is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats out there, and hackers are getting smarter in figuring out just how to get you to share your personal information allowing them access to everything about your business. This topic took center stage Tuesday as NJBIZ hosted a panel discussion on cybersecurity at the DoubleTree by Hilton Somerset Hotel. A panel of experts, with the goal of safeguarding information, said that criminals are waging cyberattacks on businesses, stealing money, accessing private information, and eroding trust between

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Future of Authentication

Focusing on the Future of Authentication

Weak and stolen passwords result in data breaches that cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Biometrics and multi-factor authentication (MFA) offer a stronger solution. And yet, hackers can still spoof fingerprints and voices. Take a look at the future of authentication and determine what options make the most sense for your organization. Most experts agree that MFA provides a more secure environment for valuable data assets. With MFA, organizations require at least two verification methods to establish identity, instead of relying on passwords alone. For instance, authentication could include a password in conjunction with a fingerprint or verification text.

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Is your office ready for the return post COVID-19?

Last week, the IRS started returning 10,000 employees to do mission-critical work. For many business leaders, their mission critical work is making money to survive. Truly, it can’t come soon enough, but is your office ready for the return post COVID-19? Now that we have adjusted to the WFH routine of conference calls, tuning out distractions and swapping PJ’s for sweats, the time has come to start planning the return to the office. As with any change in the business environment, there will be costs and opportunities. You may need to adjust work schedules and provide hygiene safety procedures and

Stimulus Check Scams: Fraud targets consumers and small businesses

The threat of COVID-19 has turned life upside down in the United States. Governors are issuing shelter-in-place orders and enforcing social-distancing measures to help stop the spread of the virus. Restaurants have shut down dine-in services and are focusing only on carry-out or pick-up. And the federal government has negotiated what might be the largest stimulus package in the United States’ history. This all provides an opportunity for scammers. Consumers need to be on the lookout during these stressful times for criminals hoping to take advantage of the confusion in the country today One of the big opportunities for these

Video conference online: 10 privacy tips for your business

Between social distancing and COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, companies are turning to video conferencing services to get down to business. While these services help you connect, they also pose new privacy and data security risks. Here are some tips to keep in mind before hosting or joining a video conference online: Take steps to ensure only invited participants are able to join your meeting. People may call it “zoombombing,” but it’s a consideration across all kinds of platforms: uninvited people showing up on video conferences. What can your company do to reduce the risk? Some services allow hosts to password-protect a meeting.

5 tips for working from home with children

Working from home with children. Just a few weeks back, hearing—or seeing!—our coworkers’ kids during a meeting would have been remarkable. Today, it’s all part of a day’s work. With schools and daycares closed the world over, and so many of us working remotely, the lines between work and home have blurred indeed. And while it’s delightful to see a child scurry past our screen, this situation is undeniably tough on parents. To help our employees balance work and childcare, this week we distributed an internal work-from-home as a parent guide. It’s full of tips and shared practices that we have

4 Tips to Reduce Cloud Spending During COVID-19 and Beyond

Even before COVID-19 sent the workforce home, businesses anticipated steadily increased spending on cloud infrastructure. Now, cloud services take on an even greater importance. In the coming months and years, organizations will continue to increase cloud usage. But severe budgetary constraints will put pressure on IT managers to reduce cloud spending. For example, in 2019, Gartner estimated that organizations would spend over $206 billion on public cloud services, particularly Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). But they inserted a caution. $14.1 billion of that spending would go to waste, due to idle resources and oversized infrastructure. As businesses struggle through the

How to Manage Remote Workers

With a global customer base, eMazzanti Technologies positions engineers and project managers in various locations worldwide to support that reach. As a technology service provider, the company also designs remote connectivity solutions for clients who are looking to expand their remote workforce. Based on 10+ years of experience, here’s our take on how to manage remote workers. Job Functions that Fit Remote Work Certain job functions provide a more natural fit for remote workers. In general, we have had greater success with client facing positions (sales, network engineers and project managers) than with back office employees (administrative, bookkeeping, HR) working