Online Security Tips

Online security tips for working from home

Teleworking during the Coronavirus outbreak? While working from home can help slow the spread of the virus, it brings new challenges: juggling work while kids are home from school; learning new software and conferencing programs; and managing paper files at home. As you’re getting your work-at-home systems set up, here are some tips for protecting your devices and personal information. Start with cybersecurity basics. Keep your security software up to date. Use passwords on all your devices and apps. Make sure the passwords are long, strong and unique: at least 12 characters that are a mix of numbers, symbols and capital and

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eMazzanti Technologies Delivers Reliable IT for Staffing Agency

NYC area staffing agency enjoys highly professional network monitoring and immediate attention, yielding reliable business systems and less worry—in a new case study Hoboken, NJ (Cision) July 8, 2020 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area managed services provider and MSP has published a new case study relating how 10 years of reliable IT services and a recent server upgrade have generated peace of mind for agency owner, Jill Rowland. The informative case study features A+ Personnel, a woman-owned, independent staffing agency located in Bayonne, New Jersey. According to the study, the company’s one-day server upgrade also went very smoothly with

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Priority Attracts Bicycle Fleet Customers with eMazzanti-Built Website

Low maintenance NYC bicycle manufacturer wows fleet customers with media-rich drag-and-drop website produced by Liqui-Site, an eMazzanti Technologies Company—in a new case study Hoboken, NJ (Cision) July 1, 2020 – Liqui-Site, an eMazzanti Technologies company providing custom website development services has published a new case study relating how the Liqui-Site team implemented innovative website technologies that enabled Priority Bicycles to realize its concept for a media-rich website platform for its expanding fleet business. The informative case study features fast rising Priority Bicycles located in New York City. According to the study, the website launched to rave reviews, enhancing the company’s

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Convenience Store Security

How to Strengthen Convenience Store Security

High traffic and employee turnover make the more than 150,000 convenience stores (C-stores) in the U.S. attractive targets for cyber-criminals. The nature of the C-store environment makes it difficult to deliver compliance and standardization. So, what can business leaders do to strengthen convenience store security? Why Convenience Store Data Breaches? Some brands in the retail space experience almost no turnover in staff. By comparison, C-stores employ more transient workers. Deploying standards across all the stores proves difficult without having a regional or district manager visit every store on a regular basis. Hence, as studies show, C-stores and gas station chains

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Office Ready

How to get your office ready for the return post COVID-19

Recently, the IRS started returning 10,000 employees to do mission-critical work. Unfortunately, for many business leaders, their mission critical work is making money to survive. Truly, it can’t come soon enough. Others fear for the safety of their workers and will proceed very cautiously. Though opinions on timing vary widely, the question remains—is your office ready for the return post COVID-19? Now that we have adjusted to the WFH routine of conference calls, tuning out distractions and swapping PJ’s for sweats, the time has come to start planning the return to the office. As with any change in the business

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10 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Small Business Security

You’ve worked hard to create and grow a business that you depend on. The last thing you want is for someone to take it from you. You don’t have a lot of extra cash right now, so you can’t afford to spend much to improve small business security. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to make a difference. Like you, criminals (cyber-criminals in particular) also run a business. They balance revenues from what they have stolen against expenses—what it costs to run a campaign, find people to buy the stolen items or data, operate servers and pay rent.

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New Normal Office Productivity

Introducing the COVID-19 New Normal Office Productivity

Many businesses need to make up for ongoing COVID-19 crisis financial losses. Thus, the new normal office productivity must improve. Wouldn’t it be great to balance out some of the revenue lost during the pandemic with one or more surprisingly simple productivity enhancements? In a previous post, we briefly listed several improvements business leaders could make to increase productivity when workers return. Implementing those changes while the office is close to empty makes perfect sense. So, consider these productivity boosters, ranging from easy and affordable to bold and exciting. Cameras for Desktop Computers Because they come so equipped, many workers

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First in Retail

eMazzanti Technologies Ranked First in Retail Technology on ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs List

First in retail technology – NYC area IT Consultant is the top ranked end-to-end retail technology solution provider honored in the ChannelE2E list of the Top 100 Vertical MSPs, 2020 Edition Hoboken, NJ (Cision) June 4, 2020 – eMazzanti Technologies, a New York City area retail IT consultant and managed services provider (MSP), has been named to After Nines Inc.’s ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list and research for 2020. The company is the top ranked end-to-end retail technology solution provider honored on the 2020 list and ranked 28th of all vertical market MSPs. The annual list and research

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New Normal COVID-19 Office Security

The New Normal COVID-19 Office Security

With continued WFH policies and multiplied COVID-19 scams and threats, the importance of good cyber security stands out. Indeed, with a workforce that is highly dependent on digital services for the foreseeable future, the new normal COVID-19 office security is necessarily stronger, more vigilant, and more dispersed. Yet, a lot of questions remain unanswered. For example, will behavioral surveillance be part of the new normal? As organizations plan to implement contact tracing, privacy advocates voice their concerns. Given the uncertainty, we expect to see these non-intrusive measures with clearly defined benefits coming to the new normal. Thermal Cameras for Passive

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Unemployment scams

Unemployment scams and COVID-19: How to identify scams and help protect against them

Unemployment scams and COVID-19: How to identify scams and help protect against them If you’re one of the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, you might seek unemployment benefits to ease financial pressure. The risk? You could become the victim of an unemployment scam. Newly idled Americans have filed millions of unemployment claims during the COVID-19 outbreak. Calls to state employment insurance services have at times overwhelmed phone lines and websites. That’s created opportunity for fraudsters. How? In some cases, scammers are pretending to represent government entities. Their goals include stealing claimant’s benefits,

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eMazzanti Delivers Secure Anywhere Access to University Computer Lab for Remote Students

What if Universities could leverage computer labs to give students remote anywhere access without the need to purchase new computers or run virtual machines in the cloud? University Going Virtual on a Budget A major Midwestern University plans to operate virtually in the fall. With COVID, administrators are looking at how to provide students with virtualized systems to achieve new normal productivity. They want to bring their labs online to provide students remote anywhere access to what used to be in person reserved systems. The goal is to broker connections to a farm of 300 MACs and up to 2,400

Why Schools Need to Extend Quarantine to the Virtual Classroom

As an educator, you might be interested to know that Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines quarantine as,“a restraint upon the activities or communication of persons or the transport of goods designed to prevent the spread of disease.” As a person living in the year 2020, you know it in practice all too well. Since COVID-19 caught the world off-guard, we’ve been sheltering in place, only interacting with a few trusted members of our social circle in-person and holding everything from work meetings to weddings online. Your school has fully embraced the new normal. You’re implementing policies that will bring all of the

How to Protect Your Office 365 Data

The Microsoft Office 365 productivity apps make perfect sense in today’s work-from-home world. Easy access to documents from any device and any location plus improved collaboration are now a necessity. But what should you do to protect your Office 365 Data? Some folks believe that migrating to Office 365 eliminates the need for backup. This might be because Office 365 offers some protections against data loss. Others believe that because data resides in the cloud, it gets backed up automatically. And some believe that Microsoft OneDrive file sync provides a replacement for backup. These misconceptions don’t hold up as we

Is Your Classroom Going Virtual?

Virtual Classroom: 3 Tips from an Educator Who’s Done It Students milling about the grounds. Professors bellowing in lecture halls. This was the scene in late summer 2020, when Notre Dame University opened its South Bend, Indiana campus for classes as usual. In the midst of normalcy, an invisible intruder lurked, waging a potentially deadly attack. Students, staff and faculty began falling ill with sore throats, chills and fever. Over the next few days, approximately 400 members of the Notre Dame community tested positive for COVID-19. The administration promptly shut down all activity on campus and called for at least

How Your School Can Ace Virtual Teaching

As schools across the United States plan for a virtual or partially virtual curriculum, eMazzanti Technologies has received an influx of phone calls and emails from educators seeking a swift and seamless transition to this new normal. We are honored, but not surprised that schools trust us to guide them through this period of unprecedented change. Mere months ago, few could have anticipated that the COVID-19 pandemic would impact the Fall 2020 school semester, but the team at eMazzanti is better equipped than most. Since 2001, we’ve been helping clients adjust operations to adapt to changing times. School administrators—start taking

FMB Steel Cuts IT Costs 50%, Ends Recurring Problems Transferring Support to eMazzanti

MNew Jersey metal fabricator enjoys reduced stress and increased focus while eMazzanti Technologies support cuts IT costs in half—in a new case study Hoboken, NJ (Cision) August 19, 2020 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area managed services provider and IT consultant published a new case study tracking the benefits to New Jersey metal fabricator, FMB Steel of switching to eMazzanti’s managed IT support. The informative case study relates how eMazzanti successfully executed a two-month transition period during the COVID crisis while FMB management dealt with more important issues. “Switching to eMazzanti has reduced our IT costs by half,” reported Alec