B.A.D. – Bowling for Architects & Designers Begin Second Season

B.A.D. – Bowling for Architects & Designers is the brainchild Sal Corino of BFI-NYC and Sean Noble of Furniture Rental Associates, who invited a few other furniture related businesses to join as co-sponsors and pulled together 14 teams for the inaugural season which ran from October 2001 until February 2002.This year eMazzanti Technologies, a computer networking firm based in Hoboken, joined and with it grew the league exponentially to 24 teams of architects & designers for 16 weeks of sport, fun & beer. B.A.D. Bowling, as it has come to be known, is an alternative to the same old, barhopping, happy

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NEW YORK, NY – September 25, 2002 – Up until now the relationship between e-commerce and the real-world has been a strained one at best.  Only a few years ago, eager dot com companies sold us on the image of a future where every purchase made would effortlessly take place online.  However, practicality took over when consumers and businesses alike realized that they were sacrificing customer service for the lure of lower pricing.  eCustomers faced sales representatives untrained in the application of the products offered, and were forced to make decisions beyond the scope of their knowledge. The launch of

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NEW YORK, NY – June 26, 2002 – When it comes to network technology, the difference between the “haves” and “have-nots” is staggering.  While improvements in information technology have afforded large companies huge gains in efficiency, smaller firms find themselves struggling to compete.  This new technological “caste system” has impeded the potential growth of smaller companies who lack the resources to direct capital into network infrastructure.  Enter eMazzanti Technologies, a consulting firm providing tailored network design and security services to growing businesses at a pace and cost that will allow them to flourish. With this week’s release of their redesigned

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eMazzanti Technologies announces Powered by eMazzanti

To add support to the reliability and professional configuration of customer’s networks today eMazzanti announced the general availability and use of the Powered by eMazzanti logo. With this logo customers can be assured that years of advancement and rigorous testing stands behind the site that displays the logo.

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Georgetown Alumni Recruitment Announcement

eMazzanti Technologies, a computer technology consulting firm based out of the New York Metropolitan area, announces recruitment of Georgetown Alumni. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, eMazzanti services a wide array of clients with vertical solutions for such industries as the design and construction industry, non-profit organizations, financial and the medical community. The firm has grown on technologies derived from the Microsoft platform to service our clients’ needs, whether customized to industry specifications or implemented with “out of the box” functionality. eMazzanti Technologies, to date, has been fully funded by its operations and is currently looking for talented staff to add

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WatchGuard Security Expert Level Partner Designation

WatchGuard Technologies selected eMazzanti Technologies to be its first Eastern Expert Level partner. Lori Dugdale, Director of Channel Programs at WatchGuard Technologies said, “partners [typically] qualify at the Professional level first and then upgrade to Expert, but with eMazzanti there was no need to wait.” eMazzanti with only a few months of business under its belt, has already excelled above all expectations not only to dominate the New York Metropolitan market but also with International activity. Today’s announcement is a testament to the level of security expertise that exists within eMazzanti and its commitment to securing the greater community from

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eMazzanti Technologies, outsourced IT expert for Hoboken, NJ and NYC areas, claims one of the winner positions in the SMB Nation’s annual small business recognition awards

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HP Blue Carpet program rewards individual reps for training, product sales HP’s Blue Carpet program, announced this month, helps HP channel partners sell a number of the company’s technologies and incentivizes sales reps in a new way. The Blue Carpet program offers a streamlined portal in the PartnerONE program. It also provides incentives to individual sales staff members — not just the larger partner organization — for product sales and for participating in training sessions, said Rose Genovese, Channel Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard Co. Some HP competitors also give cash incentives for product sales, but by providing incentives for learning

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Microsoft Office 365: A Fully-Loaded Productivity Suite Use with permission from Microsoft. Do you feel like you are tied to your servers just to make sure email is up and running every day? Are you able to keep up with demands from your users for larger mailboxes and more storage? Are you ready to expand, but not ready to pay for more servers? Do you have to turn away projects or make sacrifices because IT can’t keep up with your business needs? Keeping your infrastructure up and running is non-negotiable, and scaling it to meet the needs of your growing

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Cloud Computing for Small and Midsize Businesses reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business Center You’ve no doubt heard a lot about cloud computing (or the cloud). What you may not have learned is how this misty concept can help with the real problems of operating your business, especially in hard times. In short, cloud computing offers attractive options for small and midsize businesses that need critical IT upgrades, but may lack the cash for a large capital investment. Through the cloud, you can add new, vital applications or you can supplement the capacity of an existing infrastructure. Because

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The Benefits of an Office 365 Workspace used with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Website Truth be told, no one wants to work 365 days a year. However, we do need our technology to be available around the clock because you never know when that hot sales prospect will want a product fact sheet or when you’ll need to coordinate a last-minute cross-country meeting. In most workplace instances, having integrated, always available communication and collaboration solutions streamlines the way we work and can be just the ticket to greater productivity and cost savings. For this reason, Microsoft has developed